If two weeks ago I am a full time mommy last week I had a stressful week and I become a full time wife.
Last week I had a lot of realizations in my life, I thought I just have an ordinary day and looking forward for my long weekend vacation. But my ordinary day becomes my stressful week and for the first time I got scared for my husband’s condition.
My husband has been complaining of stomach ache last Monday I thought it’s just an ordinary pain and I gave him a pain reliever and I told him to take a rest. The next day he was able to go to work and that night we had so much fun playing with our Little Kulit we also watched dvd. Wednesday he is the first one who leave the house for work, around 730am when I am about to leave the house I received a text from him that he is complaining for stomach ache and if I can go to his office, I thought he was joking me kasi naman knowing my husband for a long time malakas ang tolerance niya sa pain. But after five minutes I received text with the same message so I was calling him na and will ask his whereabouts unfortunately he was not answering my calls. I decided to go to his office calmly but after 10 calls he finally answered it and he told me that he is in pain and hindi niya na kaya so I immediately rushed to his office, when I arrived there is already an ambulance and by that time I knew it’s a serious condition.
I immediately rushed him to the ER of MCM because that is the nearest hospital in his office after he took a pain reliever he asked to have a cbc and urinalysis after three hours of waiting in the ER the doctor told us it’s UTI and prescribed us some antibiotics. On our way home he is complaining that he is pain again I told him to drink his medicines and sleep when we get home. But he cannot sleep he keeps on moving and complaining that he is in pan after two hours I asked him if he wants me to bring him to the hospital again and he said yes. Its medical center of Parañaque is the nearest hospital in our house, at the ER they gave him a pain reliever thru IV and in their initial findings he has some kidney stones. October 29, 2014 is one of my longest nights I was not able to sleep because he is in pain and I cannot do anything to ease his pain. He keeps on moving hindi niya na alam what position para he can sleep and not to feel the pain from 8pm up to 5am he had so much pain.
The next day we are scheduled for a 930am ultrasound unfortunately it was 1140am when we had the ultrasound. Eto pa ang nag pa stress sa araw ko the nurse told us if puwede na bumalik daw kami the next day for his ultra sound, I talked to her nicely and I explained that my husband is in pain for two days now and we want to know what is wrong if they can perform the ultrasound now, ang reason madami daw naka line up and I asked her where is the line no one is here, kesyo madami na daw sila pinauwi and by that time I got pissed off na I told her if you don’t perform the ultrasound right now and something bad will happen to my husband I will file a complaint against you and to this hospital. After 10 minutes okay na ang ultrasound. And the theory is confirmed he has kidney stones, UTI and gas spasm.
Thanked God after four days he is now free from pain and now I am free from stress.
Now what I realized after my stressful week;
1. I love my husband so much and I cannot afford to see him in pain
2. I must be more thankful that I have Sherwin in my life
3. I realized that things can happen in a snap
4. I realized that God let me understand what is the meaning of life
5. I realized what is the essence of being a wife
6. I realized what is the essence of “In sickness and In health” in our wedding vows
7. I realized that health is wealth
8. I realized the importance of health card
9. I realized the importance of presence of mind
10. I realized that my family will not let me down if I am in a difficult situation.

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