As a first time mom to a preschooler I am always excited if there will be an event/program in his school kasama na din ang pagiging stage mommy. I always make time for him, minsan lang sila maging bata :-). This is one of the reasons why I don’t want to have a second baby pa I want to be with him in all his first time sa school. Without worrying that I am pregnant or I leave someone in our house.
If you remember that I become a full time mommy for four days and it means that I need to be on leave , and need to catch up on all my pending. IΒ  forgot the date of his UN day the plan na lang is si lolo na lang ang sasama . But a night before his UN he asked me if I can bring him to school and to join him in the parade. I told him that mommy needs to work he agreed naman but I saw the sadness in his face. I decided na mag pa late na lang sa office just to be with him. That is one of the sacrifices of being a working mom you must learn how to juggle your time and to handle your emotions. As like what I’ve always said being a mom is not an easy job you have to deal in all aspects of life, but seeing your kid and family happy and contended that is enough for me to realize that I am a mom and I do a great job.
For the senior casa, they are requested to be in Indian costume which is hard to find. Here is Little Kulit in his Indian costume
And of course this is the only time when Little Kulit and Pretty Girl can meet again and have playtime
I am so proud to My Little Kulit he participated well in class and in all school activities, no tantrums na if they need to dance and sing in school programs.
Keep it up anak

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