It’s been a while since my last post and visited my blog; I had a stressful week once again. My sister in law died last November 14 and we need to go to Isabela for her burial.
Little Kulit first time to travel for a night trip bus ride for 8-9 hours, he used to travel for a long drive but with our own car and I can bring all his stuffs, we can do stopover if we want to, he can have his tantrums all the time. But for now it’s a challenge for me how I can keep him behave and calm for the whole trip.
Hubby and I decided to have a night trip; we booked for a deluxe bus since we have a toddler with us. I was not able to take a picture for the whole trip since I have two bags with me and Little Kulit who keeps on talking and asking a lot of questions. Deluxe bus cost Php 650.00 while the regular bus cost Php 450.00, the difference is deluxe bus is spacious than a regular one you can reclined your chair, it has CR inside the bus and you have free bottled water and ensaymada.
And now here how it goes our challenges for 3 days;
1. First challenge- he is supposed to stay calm and behave for the whole trip, unfortunately nasa Megamall pa lang kami he wants to go home and looking for a tv
2. Second challenge- put him into sleep to minimize his tantrums, unfortunately he cannot sleep well throughout the trip maybe he was not comfortable in his position and it’s too cold. He wakes up every 2 hours.
3. Hotel issues- when we arrived at Santiago City around 5am and we need to ride a van going to Jones Isabela, Little Kulit is so sleepy na and he wants to stay at the hotel. Unfortunately we don’t have any hotel reservations and of course we need to pay a respect with my sister in law  first. When we arrived at hubby’s place he keeps on shouting “I want hotel”
4. Adapt new environment- he easily adapt with his new found lola, lolo, tita, tito and cousins but unfortunately he cannot adapt with his new area as in napaka dami complain.
5. Little Kulit having tantrums from “I want tv”, “I want Wifi”, “I want to go home now”, “I want my Lolo Dan and Lola Albie”, “I want playmate”  paulit ulit kami ng ganyan dialogue.
“Now I therefore conclude my son is really spoiled” 🙂
6. Little Kulit does not like to eat even drink his milk. I asked hubby to cook for him na lang, he ate pero konti lang.
7. He cannot sleep well- we are expecting that he can sleep agad because of our long travel unfortunately he is so hyper when we arrived even he had tantrums. He slept 930am woke up at 1pm. At night he slept for 30 minutes lang, natulog uli 2am to 5am. Oh san ka pa, of course kami din gising.
After all these challenges naman he enjoyed naman his stay playing with his cousins and lola. He enjoyed the attention. He even gave all his candies and lollipos and he shared his toys to his cousins.He even leave a trademark there he keeps on saying kasi “ATTACK” if may dumating na bagong tao to see him and to visit the wake.
I must say that he is still not used to travel via public transport and the simple life in the province. I asked hubby that next time he wants to bring us again we must plan it first carefully to minimize our burdens so we can enjoy our stay.
Having a toddler is not easy talaga, you must have a lot of patience and understanding and a lot of explaining to do.
Till our next trip in Isabela

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