I never been to Manila Zoo again since childhood, now that I am a mom I want to bring my son there to see the elephant :-).
It’s a good thing that Manila Zoo has a lot of new things to offer and I am so excited to bring my family here again.
Adventure Jungle, the 2000 square meters zoo and private facility inside Manila Zoo has a new and exciting activity and just launched on November 30, 2014.
The Brick Adventure is a place for young at heart to play this famous toy building brick (Original Lego Toys) The bricks can be assembled in different ways to breathe any object your mind desires. In adventure jungle, we created lots of different animals from Lego blocks, like a giraffe (6 feet high) or even the amazing seating lady taking care of them all name Andria, the exhibit truly is a site to see and not an ordinary brick construction because of the gigantic construction of the toys from the usual 3 to 4 inches miniatures.
A site to see and touch also among the 58 different species we have are our amazing 50 years old Mr. T (Tortoise), Blu (Hyacinth Macaw from the movie Rio) and Gabbie (Gibbon).
For this holiday season, let’s go, play, check the brick adventure and exhibit then meet our amazing feathery and furry friends only at Adventure Jungle.
This will be a great place for family bonding this holiday season
For more information you can check their fb page , @Kinder_zoo on Twitter  or you can contact Ms. Neng at 0928 834 3476

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