I love planner 🙂 this is one of the things that I must have when New Year comes. When I was in elementary and high school I used to have a diary where I wrote all my memories and schedules. When I was in college I have an organizer which I kept all my receipts, notes, I tracked my class schedule, assignments and all to do’s it also serve as my party planner. When I started working in Jollibee I shifted to a tickler where I wrote all my reminders and notes. But when I started working in a corporate world I got attracted in Starbucks planner, but when I got pregnant and become a mom I stopped collecting stickers in exchange of planner, the good thing is I have a friend who always sponsored my starbucks planner :-).
I have already heard about the Certified Positive planner and I got curious about it, I read a lot of positive reviews and most of the local celebrities endorsing it in their social media.
This year is not a lucky one for me, and I began to question my faith and I came to the point that I need to renew my faith and relationship with our Lord. I must admit I am not that too religious but I go to the church, pray every night and I thanked Him with all the blessings but I know that is not enough.
That is why I decided to try the Certified Positive Planner is not just for taking notes, time schedules, budgeting but basically to renew my faith and to start reading the Bible. This planner is consisting of Daily Verse Tracker, Bills Payment Tracker, Spiritual Goals, Reflection Page, Personal Goals and 2015 Personal Testimonies which also includes stickers and cards for more inspirations. This planner would really help to have a positive outlook in our life.
I am so excited to use it next year 🙂
To learn more about Certified Positive Planner you can visit the following Certified Positive Planner website or  Fb page

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