I am so busy last week 🙁  busy preparing for upcoming Christmas and 40th Anniversary party here in the office, busy preparing for Christmas Giveaway for our clients, busy for My Little Kulit school activities and the same time it’s my birthday last December 10.
My driver’s license is already expired, I decided to renew it last Thursday before going to work, since drug test is not required na it only took 1hour na lang to process the renewal. But the release of the card will be next year pa around March.
December 11,2014 when I started to believe again that I still have an angel to protect me. Diba sabi nga nila angels will be with us until we reach 7 years old. When Little Kulit was still a baby, there are so many times, incidents that I believe that there is an angel who protect him. Since I was 30+ that I do not much believe in angels for my own sake, but after the incident that I have been through I know that there is an angel who protected and save me for a major accident.
I’m driving in south super highway around 1030am, around Susana heights there is a road construction, and then all of sudden may nakita na lang ako na lumilipad na plywood as in sakin talaga siya pupunta. If I shift the steering wheel to the left side babanga ako sa barrier mas malaki damage sa car ko, if I shift to left car naman tatamaan ko. As in the whole plywood block my whole windshield wala me nakita na as far as I remember nag break na lang me. I am not aware if may sasakyan pa sa likod ko. And then 2 patrol men went up to me sadly they don’t get the plate number of the elf truck na may dala ng plywood because they are concern about me and ang nasa isip daw nila is ma pa stop vehicles nasa likod ko or else mas malaki talaga damage. As per 2 patrol men I am lucky because slight damage lang sa windshield because in some instances daw if hindi ko na control break I might cross the barrier or worse may mga ibang cars na madamay.



After the whole incident and talking to my mom and dad it’s late for me to realize that how do I survive the accident I immediately prayed and thanked God and all of sudden I realized that I still have an angel to protect me, why ko siya naisip when I was a kid I used to collect angels but when I grew up I shifted to bags but I have one angel figure na nasa bag ko ever since, after the incident and I am about to leave the area I opened my bag and I saw my angel nasa middle siya ng makalat ko na bag looking at me. All of sudden I realized na she is protecting me the whole time pala.
From now on I will keep in mind that I still have an angel who will protect me

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