Hello 2015
My 2014 is not great as in bad luck siya but nevertheless I survived and looking forward for a fruitful and more meaningful 2015. Actually it’s my year it’s year of the sheep hope it would bring me luck

HAPPY 2015


I have been MIA for too long since I become so busy last December and I had a lot of pending post, even though we had a two long weekends I was not able to rest as in we had a lot of activities from parties, reunions, weddings and holiday shopping.
Now that I am looking forward for 2015 let me start my year with my new bag and planner 🙂
But as of now my week starts with a lot of paper works, boss stress, my little kulit exam week, business permit renewal 🙁
2015 please be good to me
Happy 2015 everyone 🙂

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