Last Saturday is the last day of Little Kulit 3 days Quarterly Exam our schedule is 10am but we are already in school at 930am. Wala pa 15 minutes he went out na and he is done, I asked him is it easy he said yes and he asked me if we can eat in MCDO.
Since November 2014 he started collecting toys from Happy Meal, Ninja Turtles and Penguins collections are all complete.
Upon entering MCDO, Little Kulit immediately saw the new collection featuring Tom and Jerry πŸ™‚ and he asked me to buy him the number 3, we still have seven items to complete his and Tom and Jerry collection.
After he ate, he saw his schoolmate since he is so excited to have someone to play with ayun nagulo ang tahimik na McDonalds they keep on running and laughing.
Little Kulit is now on the stage where he can tell stories, he can tell you what he wants, he can choose, and he is more expressive he knows how to appreciate things he say thank you and most of all he knows how to express love, out of the blue he will say β€œI love you mommy” and he will kiss me in the lips or cheeks and one big embrace. I want to cherish every moment
My goal for 2015 I will allocate one Saturday in one month that we will have a date just the two of us lang, as we all know iba ang boys when he reached 9 or 10 years old he will be shy na to kiss me or even to go out with me kasi he will be tease na mamas boy. Bago man dumating ang time na ito, I want to have a memories with him na ako lang ang pinaka love niya.

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