I know it’s already late because of my busy schedule I was not able to finish this post. It’s been two weeks in my draft folder πŸ™‚ finally I have a little time right now to finish it.
While doing this post it also reminds me my ups and down last year. I must admit that 2014 is not that good but I am still thankful that I am still alive and looking forward for a better 2015.
Things to be thankful πŸ™‚
1. I am still alive and kicking
2. I am thankful that I still have my family with me
3. My hubby who loves me unconditionally, we might have problems, we are not perfect couple. But God help us to solve our differences
4. My Little Kulit who keeps me going, my inspiration, my life, my new best friend.
5. My Little Kulit is already in big school glad to say that he was accelerated from Junior Casa to Senior Casa
6. My Little Kulit doing good in his academics
7. My Little Kulit first school programs and activities, glad to say that I was able to witness all his programs. I witness his development in performing in the stage.
8. I also realized what is the meaning and feeling of being a stage mom
9. My mom celebrated her 7_ birthday last February 5, 2014 and I would say that she is still looks young in her age, she is still active and she is healthy.
10. My dad celebrated his 6_ birthday last June 22, 2015. My dad who is very supportive with all of us and especially with My Little kulit.
11. My hubby celebrated his birthday at Vivere Hotel
12. My Little Kulit who is now four years old and make us crazy in his everyday antics
13. I am also thankful with my brother and sister
14. Hubby and I celebrated our 8th years anniversary (gf/bf) dinner in Bellvue Hotel
15. Hubby and I celebrated our 5th years wedding anniversary in Cebu
16. It’s nice to be back in Cebu after five years where we prayed for a baby and now we are back with our Little Kulit
17. Little Kulit second time to ride an airplane
18. Thankful for our weekend out of trip Baguio, Laiya Batangas, Tagaytay, Subic, Laguna etc
19. My friend Candice wedding πŸ™‚ finally
20. Free birthday dinner at Acacia Hotel
21. Little Kulit wide collection of Ninja turtles
22. Little Kulit trick or treat experience in Mommy Bloggers Philippines event, Astoria Plaza for Ninja Turtles theme and fist time in Nickeledeon event. He is so amazed when he saw his Ninja Turtles in the stage.
23. My little business is already two years last November 30, 2014
24. Little Kulit first time to celebrate his birthday in his school and he had so much fun
25. Hubby was hospitalized last October, I realized the essence of being a wife and a true meaning of β€œin sickness and in health’.
26. My sister in law died last November I knew that hubby is so sad, I realized that life is short and we must live to the fullest
27. I was able to experienced being a full time mommy once again for five days straight when my parents went to Korea.
28. I am thankful for a long weekend vacations
29. We spent our Christmas in Subic with the whole family, we still keep our family traditions noche Buena and gift giving
30. Barkada Christmas Party and unplanned meet up, get together and dinner with them
31. New Years Eve celebration and this is the best πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Daddy leads the prayer for the very first time, it’s so precious and worth of remembering every word of his prayer
32. Bloggers events, workshop and product reviews, product giveaway
33. DVD marathon with hubby
34. Foot spa date with mommy
35. Movie date with hubby once in a blue moon when I become a mom
36. Thankful to my girlfriends in my workplace
37. Part of the forty years of the company that I’ve been working for seven years
38. My Starbucks Planner for free c/o of a very good friend
39. My new Ipad
40. My new coach bag πŸ™‚
PicMonkey Collage10377378_10152666723003655_5691856047308709381_n
Thank you 2014, you make me stronger

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