Raising a preschooler is a mixed of hardships and happiness  🙂  as a parent and a working mom I must have a lot of patience in dealing with my son. Being with him it’s not just playing or studying his lessons or just being around with him, I have to make it sure that he learned something from me :-). As early as now I’m teaching him how to be independent, good manners, respect elderly, the values of family and observe family traditions.
In his age he is in the stage of kakulitan mas matindi pa sa terrible two, in scale of one to ten and ten is the highest over pa siya sa 10 . Many people will say ganyan talaga boy kasi or spoiled kasi nagiisa or you are lucky kasi normal siya. He wants to explore everything, he is so talkative, sleeping time lang ang rest niya.
I came up with the list of his kakulitan for 2014 and here is my top five
5. Fill up the whole house- he is into writing and coloring so ang ending minsan he will color our bed sheets, curtains, wall etc. Even though we provided him an area and materials where he can write lang but there are times he just want to have so fun. Ang ending hubby will clean all the mess.
4. Toys everywhere- alam na alam mo once na may kids sa bahay you can find his toys every corner from the garage, living room, play room, masters bedroom and everywhere. If I am home I make it appoint to follow him everywhere to gather his toys lalo na yung mga ninja turtles niya na original. There is a time that he brought along his ninja turtle figure in grocery and when I asked him where is it na ayun nahulog pala sword ni Leonardo, imagine all the aisles na dinaanan namin binalikan ko to check saan nahulog ang liit liit pa naman nun. Nakakawala ng poise 🙁
3. Dagdag- Bawas he is fun of talking, every day I will ask him “how’s your school, how’s your day” he will answer naman properly. Afterwards alam ko naman niloloko niya ako he will tell me stories again but either dagdag or bawas.
2. Hyper- ang batang walang kapaguran, I don’t where he get all his energy from the time that he woke up game na sa kakulitan .
1. He cut his hair- and the top one is he cut his hair 🙂 imagine 3 years pa old lang siya by that time when he cut his hair ang ending kalbo siya for two months.
How about you lovely mommies what is your experience in raising super kulit kids?

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