We are already done in kiddie’s salon last year since he is already a preschooler he doesn’t need anymore tv or toys to keep him busy.
Before we always had his haircut done in Tabbs, but last year when I got pissed off with the man who is cutting his hair, my son is complaining na masakit daw, I told him na be careful nasasaktan ang bata ang sagot sa akin nag iinarte lang yan. Hello! from the start na nagupitan ang baby ko I don’t have any problem dealing with him he never threw tantrums during his haircuts. So when he said that he is hurt he means it.
When Little Kulit cut his hair, the nearest barber shop in our place is Bruno’s barber which is located in SM BF same price in kiddies salon it cost Php 280.00 but the area is clean and number one wala mainit ang ulo sa mga barber. They are all smiling and happy to serve you and they are also well trained in handling kids especially they don’t have any things to let the kids busy while doing their hair.
I was not able to take a good picture last Sunday because the area is full but I can guarantee the cleanliness and it smells good. My Php 280.00 is really worth it, they even told us if you have complain with his haircut you can bring him back with no extra charge.
My little kulit making face before his haircut
During his haircut
After his haircut
I do highly recommend Bruno’s Barbers 🙂

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