We had a hectic schedule over the weekend; we need to divide our time for business and personal errands, birthday celebration and our monthly routine. Never the less we were able to survive it.
Friday night, I need to do some grocery, check inventory for my small business, ship paid items in my online store, and plan the menu for mama’s birthday celebration.
Saturday- I asked hubby to woke up early so he can do everything that he needs to do, since we need to leave the house by 12-1230 to catch up the mass in Tagaytay. But we ended up leaving the house by 130pm and we arrived in Tagaytay exactly 3pm. Buti na lang I was able to get three chairs pa. Every first Saturday lang kasi mass in Tierra De Maria.
2If you are in Tagaytay, your trip will not be complete if you don’t buy fruits especially pineapple 🙂 imagine you can buy pineapple 4 for Php 100.00.
After the mass, we supposed to have a dinner in Nuvali, but my dad called me and instructed me to proceed in SM BF to have a birthday dinner with my brother and his family. My sister in law and my mom has the same birthday. We already in SM BF by 8pm because of the heavy traffic after dinner we had a last minute grocery for the swimming party.


Two Kulit waiting for their Happy Meal Take out

And Sunday was the birthday celebration; it’s a swimming party in one of the private pools in Los Banos Laguna. The party starts 8am and ends in 5pm. everyone is happy naman, my mom has eleven siblings and she is the eldest so everyone is there with their families. It’s a mini reunion with all my cousins and relatives.
How I wish mas mahaba pa sana ang weekend 🙂

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