My Little Kulit first ring bearer experience was December 2012 during my cousin wedding he was two years old by that time.
Wearing his barong is not a problem before the ceremony; he is in a good mood pa and playing with other kids when he is about to walk na ayun nag tantrums na because I am not aware he will be a bible bearer pala so I always practiced him to walk with a pillow with arras and wedding ring yun pala he will holding a bible. The other kid naman ayaw makipag palit he insist that he will be the ring bearer πŸ™ the ending is he just walked half on the aisle lang and picked those flower petals. I said β€œthere is always a first time” and he is just two years old and two months pa lang by that time πŸ™‚
pic 1
The second was September 2013 during my best girlfriend wedding, thinking that Little Kulit will be good na and he will walk properly. We bought two barongs pa for him because the first one that I bought in SM with mom, my dad and my sister disapprove it mukha daw cheap :-(. Ang ending we bought another one in Lumban Laguna where the finest barong is made.
The scenario is still the same no problem in wearing his barong, he is in the good mood before the wedding ceremony and he is eager to walk pa. Pero eto na when we asked to form a line outside the church he saw kids playing basketball in Marikina river gusto niya makipag laro and he insisted that ball daw niya yun same kasi ng ball niya sa house and the battle begins he is keep on crying, everyone is looking at us and the ending is he walked in the aisle before the bride hays king hindi ka talaga maloka, pero at least he was able to finish walking till the end of the aisle.
And now he is four years old, my cousin asked my mom if Little Kulit can be his ring bearer at first my mom is hesitant but my dad convinced her that Little kulit is matured enough and can walk na without throwing tantrums. The good thing, he is with his cousin my niece Ashley so no problem na yun kasi magkasundo yung dalawang bata.
And the journey begins waiting for 15-20 minutes outside the venue before the ceremony will start, waiting another 10 minutes before their turn, we told him to walk slowly he walked slowly naman sa simula but in the middle of the aisle he run na.
pic 2You can see his improvements from half aisle, crying while walking and now he can work properly


First time 2 years old and 2 months old


2 years old and 11 months


4 years old 3 months old

Hoping that next time he will be a fine little man walking in the aisle πŸ™‚
Btw we don’t have a good photo for the day because he was so excited to play with his cousins, this is the only picture that we have

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