After one week of being stress, worried and sleepless nights finally Little Kulit is now back to normal. He lose 3 pounds 🙁
Last night we had meaningful bonding moment, after dinner Little Kulit and I had a talk when he asked me mommy where I came from, I told him that he came from my tummy, I told him that my tummy needs to be cut so he can come out and to see us. I know he is confused, to make it easier for him to understand I grabbed his baby album and my Ipad to show it to him what it looks like.
I showed it to him first his 4D ultra sound I told him that this is how he looks inside my tummy and he is so amazed, the next one I showed it to him the picture where my OB is holding him with some blood, the next picture is the glimpse of my tummy where he came from ( with some fresh blood he he he ). I told him I carried you for a long time inside my tummy baby, I sacrificed a lot just for your safety but no matter what I love you so much and I don’t regret anything of it”.     ( with the scenario showing him how my tummy looks like with two pillows inside my shirt so he can picture it out how it looks) immediately after my last word he hug and kiss me and he said “Mommy I love you 100 million”. I can help it but tears flowing in my cheeks, in a little way I knew that Little Kulit understand how much I love him and how I sacrificed just to bring him in this world. The word I love you I knew that he meant it wholeheartedly (tagos sa puso ng isang ina).



While writing this post, I still remember how he looks at me last night and how he listen every word what I am saying. Now I realized the true essence of a mother and son relationship and a mother’s love.


Now that my son is turning five this year and two years for now he will be my little buddy and three years after that he will be a little man, I don’t know if what God’s plan for us in the future but I am praying and hoping that Little Kulit will remember that we have this little talk and how much we love each other. I will always love you baby.

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