For a people like me who is always on the go, and it’s hard to make things organize AdoraBella is the answer πŸ™‚
Confession to make: I am not born to be an organized person, as much as I wanted to I always failed πŸ™
AdoraBella items make my life easier, from my tangled charger and headphone, from my spare coins and receipts, AdoraBella is the answer.
Take a look what AdoraBella offers;
21. The Mexican Bundle- consist of 2 card tacos and a knick-knack nacho pouch. It would help you to organize your earphone or if you are just a person who just only bring one cord this one is fit for you.
2. The Calix Cord Burito- is my personal favorite it can hold three cords and two plugs. This is the answer for my tangled charges and cords.It is easy to find inside my spacious bag, it really looks nice and neat inside my bag.
3 43. The Verona Catch All Tray- A new way to hold your little trinkets, cellphone and what-nots. Made of cow leather. Perfect also to take with you when you travel (it lays flat and you can assemble it yourself). I used this tray inside my car where I put my toll receipts, spare coins and my ID
54. The Hermosa Mini-Bolsa- a mini bag to hold all your “lunch essentials”, such as your wallet, keys,cards, mobile phone, powder and a lipstick. Something to take with you for quick lunch breaks or errands so you won’t have to be burdened with lugging your bag around.
5. The Amara Save-Up Pouch- got spare change? put it all in the Amara Save up pouch-a pouch designed and labelled to motivate us ladies to save up for the essential things in life such as travel, shopping, mani-pedi, gadgets, pampering coffee, etc
6. The Floriza Cellphone Holder- It keeps your cellphone from getting damaged and dirty.
Let me share a quick background of AdoraBella;
Who is behind AdoraBella?
” We are group of 4 ladies- all friends. Three of us all worked together at one time for the same company Pam Sulit, Anna Gimenez, and Joan Del Rosario. Yes, we are still have corporate jobs! We brought in Pam’s sister Erica Picazo, to be part of the team. Together we formed AdoraBella.
When did we start? What Inspired us and why “AdoraBella”?
“AdoraBella started out as a lengthy discussion among friends on finding something to fall back on after we give up our corporate lives. Initially we called “Project Freedom”- our goal was to start a business that we can call our very own-building and growing it to eventually give each one of us enough time and resources to pursue our own life goals and dreams.
AdoraBella means “ADORED BEAUTY” in Spanish. We were inspired to name our brand as such because our vision is to produce beautiful gifts and things one cannot help but love and adore. We launched our first set of product last October 2013.
What other products do we carry?
We also have printed canvass Santana Shoe bags, Mirabella Tote Bags and Leather Bins and Oversize Bags
For more products and information please click the link AdoraBella
Overall I love AdoraBella from their unique and stylish product, it also helps me to be organized some of my things.

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