Bag is my best friend; I cannot leave the house without my bag and I love to collect it I started from simple one without brand as long as I love the style and fits my personality, when I started working I invest from branded and when I have enough money I started to have some luxury bag from coach, Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags
But when I become mom and I need to cautious in my budget, having a bag is not about the brand but how the bag can help you in your everyday lives for being a functional bag.
Every time that I will look for a bag here are my qualities;
1. I need a spacious bag for all my things such as Ipad, wallet, make up kit, pouch for some documents, candies
2. I need some pockets for my spare coins and sanitizer
3. I need a bag that it has good quality when it comes to handle, since that my bag is bulky and heavy I need to make it assure that the handle is in good shape.
4. I am also cautious when it comes to the lining of my bag
5. I need a versatile bag that can be used in the office and mommy duties
Good thing I discover Sunshine & Citrus bags are both stylish and functional, offering a wide variety of styles that suit women in different stages on life. From young, carefree teenagers, young professionals and to mothers like me.
Sunshine & Citrus bags is owned by student-entrepreneur, Gabby Suzara, and manufactured by Donna Mendiola-Gaddi.
You can view their wide collection in their fb page
Here are some of my favorites
11025791_407351152777016_734446556535861843_n 11124_407357696109695_2081481021280637741_n 10407378_407360866109378_4577857125887955332_nSunshine & Citrus is now offering an opportunity to start your own bag business. For only Php 5,000, you can get 15 pieces of bags (Choose among Ady, Martha, Milaflor, and Andrea bags) that you can use to start your own business.
For interested parties, get in touch with Sunshine & Citrus at 0916 7730171 or email
Follow Sunshine and Citrus at Instagram: @iamsunshineandcitrus and Twitter:ย

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