Last February 27when we reached our ninth year as bf/gf and seven months to go we are going to celebrate sixth year wedding anniversary.
Good relationship don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together”- Anonymous
In our single days we used to celebrate out of town trip or romantic dinner for two with matching bouquet of flowers and precious gifts now that we are married we save that one for our wedding anniversary 🙂 and as much as possible I want to celebrate with our one and only Little Kulit.
We had a quick dinner date at Yakimix Alabang Town Center 🙂 we reminisce our memories 🙂 after dinner we bought pizza for the whole family
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We may have a simple celebration but the thing is we have good memories and we keep our relationship stronger and alive.
Let me share some nine tips on how to keep your relationship stronger
1. Trust- Trust is a strong word and the main ingredient in a relationship you have to trust your partner 100 percent.
2. Communication -always have an open communication with your partner. When you communicate with your partner remember that the love is the key speak from the heart. Discuss problems in peaceful and loving manner
3. Schedule a Quality and Me time- It is important that you spend once a week of quality time with your partner and have me time. As a husband and wife me time is also important let yourselves to be energize
4. Be Sweet once in a while- don’t forget to send some sweet text messages to one another or just simply asked your partner how’s her day going, or if she already had her lunch etc. Simple text can brighten the day of your partner.
5. Say Those Three Little Words- always say “I love You” to one another don’t miss a day without saying these words.
6. Express your love- don’t be afraid to express and show your love to one another
7. Respect one another- you have to respect each other to make your relationship last
8. End the day together and Pray together- Don’t forget to thanked God
9. Have sex 🙂 don’t deny every couple needs it
Love Love Love 🙂

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