It’s been ages since the last time that I went out with my friends alone, meaning no Little Kulit to chase around and no hubby besides me. It’s my me time with my dear friends
We scheduled this night out last week, because Kathy our dear friend has an announcement to make 🙂  we had dinner at Zongs and had a little drink at Bugsy’s bar
We supposed to have a coffee with UCC but our dear friend Surge insist that we must have a little drink to unwind ourselves and to get to know more our new found friend. Welcome to the group Erick
It’s my first time again to have a little alcohol in my body, since it’s a happy hour we ordered the buy one take one margarita for the girls and of course we need food again. We ordered the potato wedges and nachos.
We had a lot of funny moments last night, para lang kami mga bata especially if we reminisce our college days and some of our out of town trips. Para ang simple lang ng life namin noon.
Now I realized going out with friends is a must, to energize and to feel young
When I got home last night, my Little Kulit is waiting for me he asked me if it is traffic I said no, and then he asked again “Mommy what time is it”. Oh my I forgot pala mag paalam sa kanya. Before we go to sleep he said “Mommy I will throw all your office clothes” and I asked him why he answered me back “ So you cannot leave the house, just stay with me”. Kung milyonarya ba ako why not to stay at home diba. My son is just four years old and telling me all these things what more when he grow up pa.
Calling dear friends can we have another schedule of singles night out?

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