Time really flies, it’s now March and it means the school year ends and let’s welcome summer vacation. As a first time parent to a preschooler I am excited in all his activities and lessons learned. Little Kulit has been accelerated from junior casa to senior casa, at first I was afraid he may not catch up easily but glad to say he really did well in his school.
I become a student also every day I will check his diary to check if what his assignments, schedules or things that he needs to bring on the next day. I experienced once again how to cram in assignments, projects, long quiz, quarterly exam and finals. It refresh my memory on simple math, science and cultural studies, I also learned new things with him if we are studying his lessons. I am always present in all his school programs and become a stage mama.
When I received the invitation for a thanksgiving, I thought it is just an ordinary program in the school. But I never realized at the end of the day I will find myself crying and proud to say that I become a good mom and influence to my son in his studies despite of being a working mom and dealing with a lot of stress.
March 6 as early as 4am I am already working I need to be on the road before 6am to deliver goods in our business and need to be at home before 8am to catch up the 830am program. Hirap mag park every time there will be a program, each child has a lot of supporters from their parents, grandparents and yaya’s especially the little ones.
And then the program starts from national anthem, prayer, welcome remarks and then presentation each levels. If the casa students time to present lahat ng parents nasa harapan ng stage, so it means hindi lang ako nag iisa maging stage mama at to capture all the moments of our kids.
Here is the video of Little Kulit’s dance presentation

Followed by an avp presentation of all the school activities, imagine every month meron pala no wonder why I don’t have a VL na sa office, of course no regrets, minsan lang sila maging bata so enjoy every moment
And this is the best part, Little Kulit just told me they will dance lang, he never told me they have another presentation pala. I thought the program is already finished and we will proceed to the cocktail party but they have a surprise from parents pala. They went up to the stage once again and they sing and at the side there are family pictures, it is so touching after the presentation each kid gave their parents a thank you card. When Little Kulit gave me the card he said “Mommy I love you and thank you, you are the best” he kissed and embrace me. I really felt that he loves me so much, I am the center of his life. I cannot explain the happiness 🙂 ang sarap pala talaga maging mommy naka ka addict 🙂
Surprise Presentation for the parents

I am thankful that I was able to attend this program it really means a lot to me; I was able to realize my accomplishment as a mom and my little kulit as a good student.
Picture with his some of his classmates and Teacher Fritzie

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