Every weekend I make it assure that I have all the time for my family especially with my son. Last March 21 I have an event at The Mind Museum BGC, since its weekend I asked the organizer if I can bring my son and they said yes.
My sister dropped us at The Mind Museum we arrive a little bit late because of the moderate traffic in C5, after the event the organizer told us that we can explore the museum, Little Kulit had a great time inside the museum.
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Little Kulit is asking me for days na he wants to watch Cinderella, so after the event we went straight to SM Aura but the seats is already full for the 230 and 530 slot. I asked him once again if he really wants to watch or we can just go to Time zone but he still insist the cinderella movie. I don’t have a choice but to walk from SM Aura to Market Market. We got a 4pm schedule.
This is his second time to watch in the movie house, yung first time natulog lang siya the whole time. This one is his choice, I bought him a popcorn and a drink upon entering the movie house and find our seats buti na lang sa may aisle because he keeps on moving and he does not like to seat in a booster chair.
What I don’t like lang in this movie house they don’t have CR inside the cinema we need to go out every time he needs to pee. Hassle 🙁 buti na lang we are in the aisle wala masyado naistorbo or else na reklamo na kami mag ina
Overall he enjoys the movie naman, but he keeps on walking and talking asking me little things. Now naka schedule na next movie date namin if before hubby is my movie date now it’s my son na. Time really flies kaya I enjoy every moment, I know time will come he will be on his own na.

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