As early as January we are planning to go to Ilocos for our Holy Week Vacation but my mom and dad refused since its too early pa daw to decide, even we keep on explaining that we must have a reservation with a travel agency. I totally forgot Holy Week because of my busy schedule. Two weeks before the Holy Week when my mom asked me if we can go to Subic. OMG! what will I do all the hotels are fully booked and some hotels that are still open double the price, from the regular rate of Php 2500 it become Php 5000-8000 per room and they don’t offer discount for a senior citizen. Since we can’t find any place to go we decided to stay in our farm. Actually this is the plan of my dad and he is very happy ang lakas kay Lord na mag pray na sa farm na lang kami. When we are still kids we used to spend our Holy Week in Pagsanjan Laguna with our grandparents. That is the time that we can play with our cousins, eat a lot, watch procession and every Black Saturday we will g to a river to have lunch and swimming time. Before kasi life is so simple, happy na kami. How I wish that my kid and his cousin can experience the same thing. But the culture is now different na kasi, we used to spend the holiday in different out of town and have fun.
So this year, we are back to basics, we are trying to revive the culture/tradition that we used to do when we are still kids, of course there will be some changes. We stayed at the farm for three days it means we don’t have a maid we need to do all the chore by ourselves, we don’t have aircon in our room, we don’t have cable tv but we can watch DVD, and we don’t have an internet access the same thing mahina signal ng sun and smart. Since it’s a Holy Week we need to do some sacrifices and we are all agreed that for three days we will have a simple life and as much possible not to complain.
How we spend our holy week?
We ate a lot :-), we roam around inside the farm, we went in some places in Laguna, the kids enjoyed in their mini swimming pool. The boys naman happy na sa drinking session every night and tingnan mga fighting cocks ni dad.
It is a simple vacation for us but the thing is we enjoyed it, we are complete as a family, we make our parents happy since all their children are complete and for three days we had a little sacrifice we are able to give up the comfortable life that we have in Manila and free ourselves from stress in work and social media.
How about you lovely mommies how did you spend your Holy Week?

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