It’s now summer vacation , the school year is over πŸ™‚ I already got my Little Kulit report card he got 91.12 in his final average and ranked as Top 9 in his class. I am not a type of mom who pressure kids to be in Top 3 or Top 1; I want him to enjoy his class and his surroundings. But I always remind to do well in his class, listen to his teachers and be good to his classmates.
In his progress report he is behave inside the classroom, active in recitation and he participate in all school activities.
How do we survive his first school year?
At first I got a little worried when I learned that he was accelerated, he does not have a formal schooling when he was still a toddler. But he is a fast learner and I believe that he is willing to learn that is why he got good grades.
Number One: Little Kulit is eager to learn- when he was two years old he does not like school, mas love pa niya ang arcade. But there was a time na-traffic kami somewhere in Manila near squatter area he got scared I told him if you don’t study you will be like them; you cannot eat chicken every day. From thereon he shows willingness to learn.
Number Two: Discipline in his study time- He learned this one in Kumon, if study time NO TV, NO GADGETS it’s only worksheets, books and his pencil lang he can touch. We also follow a certain time to study.
Number Three: I listen to him- I gave him instruction what to do if we are working on his assignments or worksheets. But there will be a time that that he will suggest something or he will tell me that I am wrong; I will listen to him and will check if I can do some adjustments.
Number Four: I don’t get a tutor- even I am a working mom I make it appoint that I have time for his studies, I will be the one to teach and guide him in all his assignments and exam week.
Number Five: I let him breathe- if he is overwhelmed with his studies, I let him breathe and play a while.
Number Six- Compliments- Very Good, Job Well done, excellent is music to his ears. So every time that he got good grades or perfect score in his worksheets I don’t forget to say the magic words
Number Seven- I am his teacher during study time- I pretend to be his teacher during our study time, he will call me Teacher Mommy Anna if he got a perfect score I put star in his arm para ma feel niya na he is doing good and ganahan mag aral.
I am not a perfect mother but I am trying to be one I want my son to grow up as a gentleman and intelligent person. As much as possible I will stay by his side to guide him in every steps and decision in his life.

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