As much as possible I want to spend quality time with My Little Kulit, at least one day na kami dalawa lang no work, just for fun lang 🙂
He is in the stage that he can tell stories, what he likes, and he can keep secret na. If we are in the car and I’m busy driving he will tell stories or he just sits and relax. Sometimes he will sleep and in the middle of the road he will ask for milk.
After Holy week he keeps on telling me na he wants to watch The Spongebob Movie in cinema, paulit ulit na, “Sponge Out of the water is now showing in all cinemas”. Since he got good grades he deserves a reward. His dad is out for a company outing, his lolo and lola is out of town so it means we have all day to be together, our first trip is to attend the Jollitown Funtasy Land at SMX Moa, next we are going to have a movie date. Since we are already in MOA we are supposed to watch it there na lang but it’s only available in 3D and he is not comfortable watching wearing a glasses. From MOA we transferred to Alabang Town Center.
We arrived exactly 3 minutes before the movie will start 🙂 he sits comfortably with his own popcorn and ice tea, he enjoyed the movie so much, according to him it’s so funny.
After our movie date, we went to mall to roam around while waiting for his tita. We had a funny conversation while I am looking for a nice pair of shoes. Ang sarap niya kasama kahit super kulit.
We had a long day from 730 am to 9pm super nkakapagod but he is so happy he was able to play in the morning, he had his new set of toy and he was able to watch his favorite movie. He even told me “Mommy you are the best, thank you for this day”.
Time really flies I need to spend more time with him, I want to cherish every moment I want to feel his love and to get all his attention while I am still his center of attention,
I love you My Little Kulit till our next date 🙂

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