I am always looking for a long weekend vacation 🙂 I can sleep all day, rest, I can be with my family the whole day and konti lang ang stress sa work.
We decided to go to Subic to have an overnight stay and hit the beach. I am not expecting the heavy traffic in NLEX we leave the house at 6:45 and we arrive in Subic at 12:30pm imagine how long is that, the normal route is to two hours lang or 2.5 hours. Our plan dapat is go straight to the beach, have lunch and stay long before we check in, unfortunately since we arrive late and super init we go to the hotel and had lunch and everyone is tired we slept till 4pm. At 5pm we went to Duty Free do some shopping and had dinner.


Little Kulit @ Royal Subic

We need to rest early, we need to be in Camayan beach resort before 8am or else we cannot get a Cabana. Lucky I had a verbal reservation here in Manila or else wala na talaga at 8am no more cabanas, tent and tables and chair available as in ubos na you have to wait if somebody will leave early.
We had our company outing here last April 25, we had a room so I am not aware that their shower area is open, as in open and in the other side is boys area. Buti na lang naka check in pa kami after lunch we go back to hotel, freshen up and we check out.
Sunday, everyone is waiting for the Fight of the century the Pacquiao vs Mayweather as early as 630am I am already preparing because the call time for us in the event is 8am. We arrived at 9am, we had breakfast, I let hubby to watch muna I told him to call us if Pacquiao na so all the time me and Little kulit is in the restaurant sinulit naming ang buffet ;_0. At 11:15 am when the fight starts na, it’s my first time to watch it the whole fight I am not really fan of boxing. We all know what happen and everyone is sad. We went home after the fight and do some home chores.
It’s kinda tiring because for three days we need to be up by 630am, but it’s worth it especially if I see the smile in My Little Kulit face.
Till next long weekend

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