It’s my first time to write something about my mom, and now is the perfect time since 2 days from now it will be a mother’s day, a special day for our dear mothers.
My mom and I is not a typical mom-daughter like in TV that who are too close. That was before during my teenage days. I used to be the problem child, hindi namn tipong nag drugs or lasing it’s a typical teenager that who wants to have her freedom.
Mom and I always have a love hate relationship but at the end of the day she still shows me that how much she loves me. It’s late for me the true meaning of unconditional love and the true love of a mother. When I become a mom that’s what I feel and sink in my mind what is the feeling of being a mom and how to be a mom. That your love will be overflowing with your kids, that you are going to have a lot of patience in dealing in life, that you are going to be a strong woman for your family.
It’s not too late for me to make bawi with her, ever since that I realized that I took her for granted before, it’s time for me now na sulitin ang time. My mom now is my constant date for a footspa or pedicure, hair cut, groceries etc or anything that we can bond. I always tag her along if may lakad me. I treat her for lunch or dinner; I buy her clothes or anything she wants that I can afford. It’s time for me to let her feel that I love her so much and sorry for being a problem child before.
Who is my mom and why everybody loves her?

with mama

Picture taken during my 2007 birthday

My mom is the eldest; she has eleven siblings and all of her sibling’s natulungan niya to finish their studies. My mom is the typical Filipino ate, as in ate she is responsible with her siblings. She worked early para she can help her family, she even thinks na huwag na lang mag asawa to help her family. Late na siya nakapagasawa so even my cousins natulungan niya when it comes to studies ir any way how she can help and she is not expect anything for return, It’s enough for her that you remember her in special occasions.
My mom is strict but she is cool, she loves to read, she loves to watch news and documentaries, she loves to experiment in cooking. She knows how to take good care of herself at her age no one believes na yun na age niya. She is a good home maker also, a good and faithful wife and especially the best mom and lola.
That is why we love her so much
Dear Mama,
I may not be your perfect daughter, I may not be your richest daughter to give you everything that you want but I just want to let you know that I love you so much. I will do everything to protect you.
You will always be my partner in kikay things.
Happy Mother’s day Mama
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