Last Sunday is a special day for all moms ๐Ÿ™‚ there are lot of promos in restaurants and hotel for this special occasion. Once a year we give tributes and special treatment with our mothers
Itโ€™s now on my fourth year celebrating Motherโ€™s day and now that Little Kulit can express his feelings mas masarap mag celebrate. First thing in the morning he wakes me up and I received a big hug and his best kiss with a โ€œHappy Motherโ€™s Day Mom โ€œgreeting
2Hubby is not feeling well that day, he insist that we must celebrate my special day with my mom. We just had an ordinary day we went to Church, had lunch and roam around in Alabang Town Center. I supposed to buy some school stuffs for Little Kulit but my sister dragged us to check what is happening in the Activity center. I forgot what is the name of the event sa sobrang dami ng tao, it is supposed to be a tribute with mothers apparently even guys nasa loob na. Because there are lot of freebies you can have a free drinks from Figarro,Jamba Juice, Fruitas, free food from Jamaican Patties, Angels Pizza, Stackers, Swiss Miss. Free vitamins from Propan and a photo. For moms they can have a free haircut from Davids, Eye brow threading from different waxing salon and a lot more.
1After that we went to a grocery and went home na I need to check hubby if he is okay. A simple celebration but itโ€™s worth it as long I am with the whole family.
And this is the best part we had a picture taken by Take Your Pic I just avail the cool strip wala si hubby eh next time we will have a family picture here
COOL STRIP 2COOL STRIP 3Belated Happy Mother’ Day Lovely Mommies ๐Ÿ™‚

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