This is the first time that my mom join me to a bloggers event, when I received the invitation and I asked her if she can join me she immediately said yes. It will be an early Mother’s day celebration for us 🙂
We are welcomed with stylish and elegant design at Manila Peninsula last May 6
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Downy Timeless make it sure that we will have a memorable lunch date with our mother and kids. They treated us with a sumptuous meal while serenaded by Guji Lorenzana, my favorite part is that we have a chance to have a portrait session with my mom and little kulit.
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Mommy didn’t know that there will be a surprise for her, a day before the event the organizer asked me to have a picture taken with a short message for her 🙂 it turned out that ma surprise din pala ako when I saw hubby in the AVP with a short message for me, “thank you daddy for that”. Mommy was touched in my message she is so happy by that time because she really feel that she is special and well pampered that day.
The event was hosted by Ms. Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi she even shares her own experience “They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a parent, or in this case, a mother, once you have become one yourself. As a new mom, I had to figure out many things, and my mom was there to help me along the way. They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a mother once you become one yourself. Truly, how my mom raised me made me the mom I am today.” And I agree with her 100 percent.
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We wanted to provide a classic scent that mirrors how a mother’s love never goes out of style,” de Padua adds. Downy Timeless combines the playful notes of citrus fruits that hark back to memories of youth; the feminine scent of flowers reminiscent of femininity; and is mixed with a trace of musk and sandalwood, to evoke stability and calmness.
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This Mother’s Day, the best gift is creating new memories with your mother, celebrating the love that never goes out of style. And, to complement each sweet moment, never underestimate the power of Timeless scent.
Thank you Downy, P&G for hosting this wonderful event 🙂 you truly makes our Mother’s day memorable and timeless.
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