I cannot believe that My Little Kulit is growing up too fast, he is now four years old and now we are waiting for school year to start
As early as first of week of May I asked my mom if she can accompany us to buy some of his school stuffs, ayoko makipagsabayan sa dami ng tao. After the event we went to SM BF to look around. If you are from the South, you will definitely love to shop in SM BF they have nice collection and it’s not that crowded. The salesperson is always willing to help you in all your needs they will assist you until you finish your shopping parang you have your own personal shopper. After one hour I already have this one in my cart plus the toy na hawak ni Little Kulit, it’s just a small pack with mini toys and piggy bank less than Php 100.00
Our first stop is to get him a new pair of shoes, I am still looking for another brand when my son dragged me and said I want CHICCO, he is been using this brand since he was a baby. I don’t have a doubt using this brand it’s comfortable to use, they have a good quality, the shoes last for more than two years and the price is affordable.
I got this pair for Php 999.00 it’s the new arrival from Chico, my dad instructed me to get the rubber sole because my son is keeps on running. The shoes is made of leather. Little kulit is the one who choose the design and his shoe size now is 35 at the age four.
If you have an advantage card there will be a 20% discount, this is what I love in SM they have a random discounts when you have an SM advantage card and if you shop on weekdays.
I also got him new set of polo, I will just get the patch in his old uniform. The price php 259.75 less 10% it’s cheaper if I buy new set in his school.
Since they are on sale I also bought him one polo shirt at 50% off from Php 349.75, what a great deal.
Now I have to get na lang is new set of sando, socks, briefs and his school supplies 🙂

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