Little Kulit loves to play basketball, soccer, bowling and golf or any sports with balls. His favorite is basketball, I want him to enroll in Milo basketball clinic but he needs to be 5 years old before he can enroll for the meantime he enjoy himself by playing in our house, clubhouse and in arcade. His second favorite is bowling, I cannot count how many bowling sets we have na from super mall up to the biggest size that he can found in the toy store.
Last May 23 after the event, we passed by at SM Mall od Asia BowlingΒ  Center he is been asking me since February if he can play in the real bowling alley. I asked hubby if he can play and he said yes instead going to arcade same lang din magagastos naman. I immediately check if he can play and if there is available baka magbago pa isip ng asawa ko. Lucky there is one slot pa, when they saw Little Kulit they said of course he can play he is big na he is 7 years old na, sabi ko no he is just four years old. Ang laki daw ng baby ko, they asked Little Kulit if he can carry the smallest bowling ball which is 6 pounds carry naman niya. After paying for one game and had his shoes fit go na agad.
Look how excited he is to start the game,
I asked him to get the smallest lang unfortunately whatever color na loke niya he gets it and sabay tira. Look how he play bowling

We enjoy the game it’s our first time in a bowling center as a family and Little Kulit can play already. He even got a high score and he wins the game it’s 120 vs 106 πŸ™‚
SM Mall of Asia Bowling Arena rate is Php 165.00 per game per person plus 50.00 for shoes.
Let me end my post with a short video, Little Kulit first time to play bowling in a real bowling alley one of his dreams came true and I am proud mama, in his first attempt he already scored spare

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