Last Mother’s Day we had a short photo shoot at Take your Pic in Alabang Town Center. We don’t have any plan to have our pictures taken since hubby is not with us because he is sick. Since there is an occasion to celebrate Little Kulit and I decided to try it on.
Upon entering the studio we are greeted by a young and beautiful photographer which my son feels comfortable chatting with her and following her instructions. There are lot of packages to choose from you can check it here. Since we are just giving it a try I choose the Photostrip package I paid Php 499 which includes four photo strips and digital file. I told her that the two sessions is for Little Kulit and the next two sessions is for the two of us.
First step is you have to choose your package, the second one is to choose the wall background since I have four sessions I can choose two for the background, third you have to choose your props or decide if you have a theme, fourth you will have your photo session, fifth you can view the digital images in their screen and after 30 minutes you can have your pictures already. For the package with frame you can get it after two-three days.
The file can be stored for one month in case you want for another print out. Here are our photo strips
COOL STRIP 3COOL STRIP 2COOL STRIP 1You may contact Take Your Pic at the following;
FB page : Take Your Pic
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Address: Town Plaza Alabang Town Center
Contact Number 0927-2561361 or 218-7689

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