A more exciting and fun-filled learning experience awaits kids and their parents as TV5 launches Hi-5 Philippines, a local version of the award-winning Australian children’s edutainment program. Airing weekdays at 8:30 a.m. starting June 15, the show also features an all-Filipino cast, a first for the series franchise in Asia.

Lucky that my son first day of school was moved into June 15 and we are able to attend the media launch of Hi5 Philippines, my niece joined us also they both love Hi5. As a kid they are both excited and they keep on asking what time they can see the cast. I told them to relax, enjoy the activities and eat first before they can watch the show.
We had a sumptuous lunch in the holding area; kids had some activities in their table before heading to the studio room.
Upon entering the studio kids cannot hide their excitement they are all excited. Look at the stage how colorful and inviting for the kids.
At the studio, we were able to meet the cast of Hi5 Philippines, Gerard Pagunsan, Aira Binas, Rissey Reyes, Alex Reyes, and Fred Lo are set to bring a Hi-5 House Party in every household as they interact with kids in both English and Filipino, inviting the young audience to sing and dance along to the show’s iconic songs and lessons.
They showed us their skills in dancing and singing and how do they interact with the kids. They also showed us the sneak preview on what to expect on their shows. The kids were all happy throughout the show they participate in all activities.
The dynamic new quintet all boast of extensive backgrounds in performing arts and will now channel that energy to engage kids in music, imaginative play, social interaction, and developmental growth in a fun way.
5Ms. Jane Basas, Media 5 Corporation President said “We are proud to partner with Hi-5 World in introducing to millions of Filipino kids a local version of this highly interactive edutainment show. We are up to the challenge of producing the show that is at par with global standards,”
4Fely Irvine was also present during the show to support from Hi5 Philippines 🙂
After the show the kids had a chance to have some pictures taken with the group


With Fely Irvine

Watch how the Hi-5 gang of Gerard, Aira, Rissy, Alex and Fred makes learning exciting and fun for kids through songs and dancing. Don’t miss Hi-5 Philippines, airing weekdays at 8:30 a.m. starting June 15, only on TV5.

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