My weekend is devoted to my family; we grew up with a family that observes weekends and special holiday sacred and I want Little Kulit to be like this one, as early as now I taught him the importance of having a family what is the true meaning of it as well our family values.
I’ve been busy for three days I always come home late and hubby is busy in his upcoming sports fest, Wednesday night when he told me that the one day league will be on Saturday and on Sunday he will be a ninong. OMG! We don’t spend quality time with Little Kulit for the  past days and I know that he is looking forward this weekend. So I don’t have any choice but to join hubby in his one day league so he can spend some little time with our little kulit.
We start our day early I prepared a simple breakfast for my two boys; while hubby does the laundry and Little Kulit study his lessons.
The one day league held at The Village in BF homes, hubby will play basketball after checking the gym super init, Little Kulit insist na he wants to play bowling buti na lang it’s cheaper to play here compare in SM MOA 🙂 For 3 games I just paid Php 305.00.
After Little Kulit game we tour around, they have swimming pool, spa, gym, venue rental, board meeting room, tennis area, soccer field and the gym where you can play basketall and bowling. Hubby informed us that the game will end late since they are playing for championship, I told him that we will wait for him na lang in SM BF.
Little Kulit is begging for another happy meal minions, we met his Tita Aileen we had dinner and I bought a gift for hubby’s new inaanak. Good thing the mall is on sale 🙂 naka katempt to shop I just bought him one shirt from Bossini kids
The next day we woke up late and we have to catch for 11am Christening, followed by a reception around 230pm I asked hubby if we can go home since super init na. When we got home I decided to order pizza for our merienda. I ordered for a buy one take one in Shakeys, apparently my sister ordered a buy one take one pizza in Pizza hut over all we have four boxes of pizza. My dad keeps on laughing it’s like that we have a pizza buffet.
We ended our day playing and watching dvd
Till next weekend 🙂

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