I have been working for fifteen years now, from multinational company, small and medium enterprise. I encountered a lot of people from my boss, colleague, clients, expats and supplier. It means that they have all different traits and attitudes, and it’s up to me how to deal with them or what “pakikisama” dapat ipakita.
When it comes to my superior, I don’t have any problem, pero sabi nga nila in every place there is intriga or politics so it’s up to you how to handle it. I have a strong personality or let say I must admit that I am semi kind bully here in our office. Bully in a sense na maging okay ang work not bully para sa ikakabuti ko I never used my position to be number one or to get even with my colleagues.
I am an Executive Assistant for the President of our company it means that I have t o deal with a lot of people and mind you they have all different attitudes, but for seven years I got to know them all how to deal in their mood swings.
Last week I received a text from one of the managers and that text is not intended for me in short wrong send. But the topic is me as in with my name and the message is not true. We had an argument, he even insisted if we can talk, but I really don’t want to talk about it since the damage has been done. I told him we can talk about work and nothing more. We are used to be close before that is why I got disappointed that he is talking behind my back. Some of my officemates told me dapat sinugod ko but I don’t want to be like them, parang ganun na din ako. I rather give them cold treatment and let them feel that I am mad with them. At least they can see and feel it without words nga lang.

How we can practice Professionalism at Work Place?



The benefits of being professional at work include raises, promotions, and the respect from your co-workers. Sometimes it’s difficult to remain professional every hour of the day, but it gets easier when you make professionalism a habit.
1. Be On Time
2. Show respect for others in your office
3. Avoid office politics and gossip.
4. Dress professionally.
5. Always follow company policies.
6. Get your job done.
7. Ask questions.
8. Leave your personal problem at home
What is Professionalism ?
The definition of professionalism indicates that each person perform their tasks with genuine earnest and honesty. It refers to a person doing his / her job with sincerity, and maintaining professional etiquette and ethics in the workplace
Whoever we are we must practice professionalism in our daily activities 🙂 to avoid any conflict
Happy Tuesday Everyone

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