I had a long day the other day my supposed to be lunch meeting ended around 345pm and My Little Kulit is with me all day. I supposed to bring him to school after my meeting I thought it will beΒ  short lang but ended up more than 3 hours. Do you experience ba na you are talking to somebody else and all of a sudden your toddler is making tantrums because he is getting bored na, wah πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ you have to make all pambobola para he keeps still. The good thing lang with my son after his short tantrums and if I said let’s talk alam niya na serious mode na. I promised him that after my meeting we can play in the arcade with five tokens only. Remember lovely mommies if you promised something with your kids you have to do it or else he will not trust you anymore and he might do that also.
Imagine I am wearing dress with my lovely bag and I have to play with him sa arcade nakakaloka buti na lang five tokens lang. But his smile is so priceless; his laughter is music to my ears. After our playtime we went straight to my doctor and do some errands. We are both tired but we still manage to smile and tell stories inside the car, how I wish that clock stops and he will remain as My Little kulit forever, time will come that he will have his own life na but hoping that he will remember that we always have a mommy date, we had a lot of memories to share, that I am his best friend when he is growing up, I am his stage mommy every time we have a program or event, that he cannot sleep without me.
This is one our best picture, he loves to hold my hands every time we are together:-) until when kaya
holding hands 2

holding hands
Lovely Mommies I want to share this poem, for sure you can relate

One day


I love you so much Little Kulit

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