What is your favorite spot in your house?

Some of us will answer the living room, entertainment room or the kitchen. But for me my favorite part is my bedroom, we must admit that our bedroom is our sanctuary where we can have a private time.

We can have a countless memories and experiences here, where in we can also plan our simple life. Our bedroom will also reflect who we are 🙂

Since most of my time spend in our bedroom I have to make it sure that our room is relaxing. I love to decorate our room and my favorite spot is our bed. I love to change our sheets every week. I have to make it sure that I have enough sheets from plain to colorful colors, from a simple and printed designs and now that I am mom I have to change the sheets with characters also.

I love to browse online to find a perfect design for our bedroom and luckily I find one perfect site that can cater all my needs and my fascinations in bed sheets. Sammy Dress is one stop online shop where you can find a wide variety of products to choose from and prices are also affordable.

You can see the picture below for the sheets that I fell in love with it;


Sammy Dress


Sammy Dress


Sammy Dress


Sammy Dress

You can check more choices here in Bed and Batch Section

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