Merry Christmas everyone and now looking forward for 2016
Since we are going to Baguio for our Christmas vacation, I decided to start packing our things last December 22, unfortunately I was stuck in the traffic for 2 hours and I was so tired to sort some things. I just prepared Littele Kulit things
The next day my plan is mag under time but my boss plano ata mag stay pa ako sa office till the next day sa dami ng utos, yan ang isang life ng EA need to make it sure that everything is smooth before the holiday and all the needs of your boss is na ka ready especially I’m working with the President of the company. But of course, everything is worth it he knows naman how to appreciate all my hard works tamang tama pambaon sa Christmas.
Before going home, went to salon for my overdue hair color, some groceries and dinner with hubby. Around 10:30 pm we are already home, put Little Kulit into sleep and do our packing. Finished around 1:15 pm I just have some few hours before our trip, need to be up by 3am, we need to be on the road by 4am..
December 24, as expected as early as 4:30am there is already traffic around Cubao to Sm north but never the less we have smooth travel we arrived in Baguio by 11am with two stop over. And our #christmasinbaguio begins; we had lunch first in Sm Baguio, went to Burhum park for a boat ride and headed home for dinner and Noche Buena.
Christmas day we had a gift giving, lunch at Mile-Hi-Diner, went to Mines View, Wright Park and Baguio Country Club. Kids are so happy to roam around and play with their new toys.
We went home the next day and passed by in Clark for some goodies and headed home.
We are so tired but yet so happy being with the whole family and seeing kids smile everything is worth it. Christmas is the wonderful time of the year,
Merry Christmas 🙂

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