Happy June first, few days from now our kids will be back to school. Most of us are busy and dealing with a lot of stress. But as a parent we will do anything for our kids. We want to give them the best education and the best thing in the world.
As a mom, I need to be wise in spending our money as much as possible I have to stick on our budget but I have to admit that there are times that I overspend our budget.ย  Now a days raising a school kid is not easy, tuition fees and books is so expensive. Imagine my Little Kulit books and notebooks cost Php 7000 it triples the price when he was in advance casa. What more the tuition fee, buti na lang no increase this year. But since he will be grade one, iba na uniform niya I need to order new set of uniforms for him with new set of PE uniform also.
To be able to budget his needs for this school year as early as March after his graduation I am saving na, and I took advantage mall sales to be able to score discounted items but in good quality.ย  And as a practical mom, every pay day I buy his stuffs na, I donโ€™t buy isahan lang para it will not cost me too much. And as much as possible buy items that it has a good quality and will last long compare to buy cheap sales then after three months you will buy again.
First week of April, I was able to purchase his new black shoes and rubber shoes. CHICCO is his favorite brand this one really last long for years His lolo’s request is to buy the rubber sole since he is in the stage who loves to run, for his rubber he choose the TRANSFORMER brand his current favorite character.ย  He choose Bumblebee ๐Ÿ™‚


Php 899 with 10% doscount


This rubber sole really last long, your money is really worth it


Original price Php 899 sale price Php 650

Next payday, we bought his sando, brief, socks and his baunan.

Sando Php 249.75 less 10% Socks Php 150.00 less 10% Puma socks Php 199.75 less 20% Hanford briefs Php 269.75 each set less 20% and Transformer pencil case Php 179.75 less15%

We bought this biokeeps for his baunan, compare to the character one na madali masira.

Php 450.00 original price is Php 899.75

I will buy another tumbler for him na lang since he is not drinking the tetra pack drinks, water lang talaga baon niya
Since he is now into transformers, he asked me to buy this pencil case for him which is not expensive naman with 15% discount pa. And another tip lovely mommies, check your items muna before buying you can save a lot din. From the party loot bags they get, from our sponsors, mga gifts.

His Tita Mel gave this one last year as a Christmas gift, that time he is still into Tobots, now he is into transformers kaya he can use this as his alternative bag

We are supposed to buy his schools supplies last week, but his lola refused to enter National bookstore daig pa blockbuster movie ang line. I told her to buy na lang on weekdays konti lang naman, since some supplies we still have stocks.
How about you lovely mommies, are you done na with your shopping

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