Whoa! Time really flies he is now grade one; he is turning six this October. I keep on praying that please don’t grow up too fast but I have to accept the reality that few years from now he will be no longer my baby.
My first plan is to transfer him in big school, but after weighing the pros and cons we decided to let him stay in his old school until grade three. We also asked him if he wants to transfer na or stay for a while, for me kasi I value his opinion siya kasi ang magaaral and he choose to stay.
Now that he is already in grade school, it’s a big adjustment for all of us he needs to be up by 7am because his class starts at 8am, he does not like to eat breakfast before going to school, he needs to eat his lunch in school, and his school time is now longer. I told him that he needs to be responsible now because he is going to be a big boy na.
And this makes me sadder, for accepting the truth and embracing the reality and I have to guide and teach him how to be a responsible little man. I have a long way to go as a mom but I will do everything to raise him well.
Welcome to Grade School Little Kulit πŸ™‚

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