When you have to leave home and can’t take your cat with you, consider taking your furry friend to a luxury cat boarding facility. This is a facility that offers all of the amenities that your cat would find at home so that both of you can relax while you’re away. While most kennels offer the same amenities for all animals, a luxury location will often offer a little more in the way of personal care and nicer items for the pet to enjoy.
Your cat should feel secure and loved while away from home. Most luxury facilities will offer a suite for your cat instead of the traditional small area surrounded by a fence. There are usually toys to play with and sometimes a cat tower to climb on during the day or sleep on at night. Some locations have sky boxes on the windows so that cats can look outside. Entertainment is designed with the cat in mind. Staff members will often work individually with the cats at the facility so that they get the special attention that they are accustomed to getting at home.
Food is another are where a luxury facility will usually offer a better selection than a traditional kennel. You can take your own food and treats to most locations, or you can let the facility use their high quality food that is offered. A meal is usually given in the morning and in the evening with a treat during the day. Water is provided on a continuous basis.
There are times when some of the cats can interact with each other. They have a large space to play so that they can socialize and get the exercise that they need instead of laying around all day. Most play areas are outdoors so that cats can get fresh air. Luxury facilities are often climate-controlled so that animals are comfortable while there. Music is sometimes played to relax cats. This can help them go to sleep at night or relax during the day after playing. You can usually view a video of your cat online while you’re away to monitor what it is doing and how it’s treated.

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