Each of us has a different style of parenting, as a mom I am responsible in teaching my son how to handle money or what is money all about. As early as 2.5 years old my son knew how to check the price tag every time he wants to buy something, he cannot buy more than three numbers in the tag if there is no occasion.  I always remind him that he cannot get everything that he wants, he need to work hard for it or he need to be good so he can get a reward.
When he was three years old, his lolo gave him an alkansya that is made from bamboo, he is so happy every time that he has a coins. When he opened it his savings is Php 1, 100.00 since it’s his first time, I told him that he can buy whatever he likes.
Now he has a piggy bank, it’s not yet full but I told him that this money will be directly go to his savings account for his savings since he is now in grade 1, and it’s a long way to go. I must admit that there are times that it’s hard to explain it to him the value of the money since he is in the stage that he wants to get all the toys that he can see in youtube, but as mom I must be firm in teaching him how to be responsible in handling money.
Good thing Moneymax.ph sent me this one as guide in teaching my little kulit when he grow up he can understand this one, as of now I want to share it to you lovely mommies this one.
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Thank you Moneymax.ph for this tip

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