Online shops and apps are trendy nowadays, it makes our lives easier and more convenient. From shopping, grocery, food ordering and even flight bookings and hotel reservation is just one click away.
Hubby and I are planning to have a trip next year since our Little Kulit will be turning seven years old. Instead of throwing him a big party, we agreed to have an out of the country trip. As early as now I am looking for a best airfare and accommodation that can fit in into our budget. And I came across this new online platform, Traveloka.
Traveloka is easy to navigate. After browsing their site, I found that they are one of the leading travel booking sites in Asia, and they cater easy and detailed flight and hotel booking, which I believe everyone will love it.
Letโ€™s see how Traveloka works and how it will make our lives easier and worry free travel ๐Ÿ™‚
Booking a flight
Once you clicked the flight destination, the date and number of passengers it will appear the filter option, we can filter the airline and time it depends on what we need. I find this one cool since in one click you can see all the available time and airline that suitable in your needs.
Each one of us has a preferred airline. As such, itโ€™s a good thing the site offers a wide variety of airlines to choose from.
The good thing with this app is there is no hidden charge, what you see is what you get. Itโ€™s as easy as that. Unlike in other sites, once you confirmed your booking and upon check out you can see a lot of hidden charges. If you think that you can save a lot, you are wrong. Traveloka has no hidden charges and taxes. By the way, they also donโ€™t have additional credit card charges.
Letโ€™s try the hotel
Traveloka is a one-stop app that allows us to book a flight and hotel at the same time. Itโ€™s very convenient. Same as flight booking, you can filter the option on what you need. It also states the nearby attractions and hotel reviews; you are guaranteed that youโ€™ll make a great choice.
Every time I searched or booked, I make sure that I have somebody to talk too in case that I need something, to avoid confusion and mistakes.
Indeed, with this app, we can easily manage our booking. It can be downloaded from Google Play or at the App store for free.
2Why not book your next flight and hotel booking with Traveloka ๐Ÿ™‚

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