Ang hirap magkasakit???  Maliban sa masakit na buong katawan mo it’s also expensive to get sick.
Two weeks ago, hubby is the first one, who got sick after Little Kulit’s dentist appointment; we went to Quicklean for our laundry he said that he is not feeling well I gave him bioflu. Instead of having dinner in BF we went home so he can rest. He already had fever that time and his body is aching, I massaged his whole body and put some vicks so he can sleep well. Hoping that he will feel better the next day since I we are scheduled to go to MOA, but he is still sick and mas lumala pa. Every now and then I am checking his temperature his fever is so high kaya nilalagyan ko ng malamig na towel. Ang sungit pa naman ng mga guys when they are sick, kung puwede lang patulan minsan 🙂 That night, I asked Little Kulit to sleep in another room baka mahawa pa sa daddy niya, and buti na lang the next day is no classes
I need to go to work the next day, I asked mama  and our ate to check hubby time to time, around 11am when hubby called he said  that Little Kulit is also hot, oh no magsasabay pa sila. Around 3pm I am not feeling well also, uminom na agad ako ng bioffu, I went home early to check my two boys both of them is sick and sleeping. I cleaned our room, I asked them to eat so they can drink their medicines. Even I am not feeling well I need to be strong for them, hindi puwede lahat kami may sakit around 9:00 pm lights out na kami.

We were not able to sleep well because time to time I need to check my son he is so hot, around 11 am Little Kulit temperature is 39 I asked daddy to accompany us in the hospital. Hubby and Little Kulit both undergo in CBC and urinalysis, Little Kulit temperature that time is 40, he asked to drink Dolan we are not allowed to go home unless his temperature is 38. We stayed in the ER for three hours, he is prescribed to have antibiotic for his UTI and tempra for his fever. For hubby it’s viral infection so he is advised to drink some antibiotics also.
Now we are all okay, Little Kulit need to rest for one week to recover, now that I am and a wife I realized that I need to be strong all the time for my family kahit masama na pakiramdam ko they don’t need to see it and I need to be with them. I have to be strong for them no matter what happen kahit nahihirapan na ako, they need to feel love and well taken care of, they don’t need to feel na burden or pahirap sila.
Hoping this long weekend we can enjoy na 🙂

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