October is my Little Kulit birth month, few days from now he will turn six. He is so excited for his birthday, last year he asked to have a staycation and new tobot toys, this year his first choice is an angry bird birthday theme as an excited mom I already searched from some materials and canvassed his birthday cake. But all of sudden because of a pokemon craze he changed his mind and he want this theme now. What I can do but to please my one and only son. He will have a mini party in his school; we just have 45 minutes to do it all. As early as September he keeps on asking me for an update. He is also part of the planning, he choose his own cake design, his invitation, even the food that we ordered siya ang namili. Of course we guide him, hindi naman basta tinuro niya iyon n yun we make it sure that everything fits well.
As of now here is the peg for his mini school party
For the food he chooses McDonalds, before kasi Jollibee na siya. We ordered Chicken with spaghetti, we will buy bottled water for the drink and cupcake for the sweets.
As of the moment, this is our peg we will be going to Manila this weekend for his loot bag.
Actually we are all excited for his birthday πŸ™‚ mas excited ako mag Manila he he he

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