Last year we went to Metro Market Crazy sale in Alabang, we had a smooth transaction we got a very good deal in most of the items.
This year they have another one day crazy sale last December 3 the store opens from 7am-12mn, I don’t have any plan to go since I will be coming from Quezon City. But when we arrived in Market Market Taguig, I saw a lot of people carrying a metro market shopping bag so I got intrigued. I asked hubby if we can just take a look since we are looking for some pambahay clothes for little kult.
As expected the place is crowded, since tinatamad na ako at napagod na agad ako sa dami ng tao nakita ko, I told myself to go straight in my business and yes I found all the clothes that I am looking for, of course limited size na siya since it’s already 430pm, so I grabbed all the pieces na puwede. Then I asked hubby to fall in line since super haba and we could make turns to roam around. I am not expecting that I am going to fall in line for two hours. Gusto ko na ibalik but I cannot find this items in some other store so we waited patiently. Only to find out why we need to fall in line for hours drives me crazy, once you give the item to the cashier, they will scan it, instead na singilin ka na and print out the receipt, iisa-iisahin uli nila the items that they scan versus the scanned items in the monitor kaya ang tagal tagal. Unlike other mall, automatic naka summarize if how many items so the cashier and the checker can easily check it if there is something missing.  Imagine how time consuming for the two parties, some people purchased more than 20k and one by one they will re-check it again manually. I don’t know how they come up with this strategy, no managers or supervisors also in the floor only cashiers so you cannot complain. As expected all the cashiers naka simangot na pag nasita and worst pag ikaw na next customer you can hear it all what are they saying doon sa nag re-reklamo na customer why they are so slow. They won’t even say sorry why or pasensya kasi utos lang sa knila yun, ang sagot talaga sayo isang simangot na mukha. Which is more nakakagigil diba. Kaya next year I don’t know if I will coming back here even they have good pieces if the customer service is not good.

I have to admit, I love mall sales 🙂 but as a customer you are also looking for a good customer service and the number one thing the sales person or cashier must always on smile and I don’t think na it’s appropriate for the cashier or anyone na pinag chismisan agad ang customer na nag complain sa kanila, at the same time na napakaganda simangot ang salubong sayo. By the way they don’t say thank you ha, kahit hindi ako ang nang away sa kanila.
So let me share it to you lovely mommies what I got for my little kulit


Pambahay clothes from 89.00 Pajama Php 95.00 shorts Php 249.00

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