Do you believe in Santa Claus???
I grew up writing a letter with Santa Claus every Christmas and dreaming that he will get it on the next day. With full of smile I will immediately check my Christmas sock if the letter is gone I am jumping with excitement that Santa Claus got my letter and I will have my gift on the Christmas day.
Of course my parents is the one who will grant my Christmas wish, it took me three years believing with Santa Claus and I do not have any regrets with it.
This year my Little Kulit is six years old and he is aware of what is happening and he is excited in every occasion that we celebrate. He is also starting to ask me about Santa Claus; since he was born we always have a family picture with Santa Claus.

I do not want spoil his childhood and ruin his Christmas spirit, as a mom I want him to be happy and experience to be a kid with full of happiness. I bought Christmas socks for him and we put it in his little corner and in our door. Every day he keeps on writing and changing his wish, he is so excited every morning if Santa Claus got his letter.
Since nahilo na ako sa dami ng wish niya kay Santa Claus, I have to beat the time during Christmas Eve. We are already in Subic by this time and the mall will close by 7pm, lucky enough 6:45 pm nasa loob ako ng toys r us. I am so thankful with Ate sales lady for assisting me and hiding the gift para hindi makita ni Little Kulit kahit sobra haba ng pila. She also explained kay Litte Kulit that the gift is already with the reindeer and get ready for Christmas.
Christmas day he is sick, he is not in the mood. But when we told someone is knocking in the balcony and when he went to see who it is he saw the gifts. His eyes is wide open and he is so happily shouting β€œMommy, Daddy look there is a gift”, we told him to check it, when he saw the letter he became more excited and shouting this is from Santa Claus. He immediately opened his gifts πŸ™‚
We as his parents we are also happy we are able to grant his wish and give him a memorable Christmas day πŸ™‚


Gifts from Santa Claus

Till next Christmas

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