My friend asked me to use my name for a loan in Home Credit Philippines, she is a good friend of mine and I know she will not run away with her obligations. Home Credit is a global consumer financing company which you can have a personal loan or avail gadgets or appliances without credit card.
I believe most of you will see Home Credit ads or agents in malls, they are everywhere now and they offer at least 20% down payment and you can bring home the item that you want to purchase;  you can even have a personal loan that you can get it on the next day through your bank. Transaction is so easy just filed out he form, submit at least two ID’s and after one hour you can get the result.
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But the worst side of it when it comes to reminding payments, my due date is every 5th of the month but the agent will call you to remind you about your due date three days before, iba pa ang text and email reminder. This is good sana but calling you on a daily basis even weekends and holidays is a hassle even though that you already told hem that you will settle on the this date before 5th of the month. I do not know if they take note on that on their system kasi in one day they will call you every two hours. Even though I am a good payer, I do not have any record of late payments but still they keep on nagging me. But once I am already paid they did not even bother to send an acknowledgment about it. Magaling lang silang mangulit or mag remind.
They need to improve their customer service about this payment reminder, I don’t think it’s fair to harass people who are good payers or keep on reminding us every 2 hours with the same script, even though it’s not yet our due date. Even agents are not well trained properly on how to talk properly in reminding us, the way they speak is harassing you to pay agad agad. Kaya nga may due date diba it means we can pay on that date wala naman discount if you pay early.
This is not a rant about the paying scheme or interest since I am aware of it, this is about how they deal with their customer even I am a good payer, they treat me as a delinquent one. You need to improve on this on timely reminder and learn how to acknowledge payment.

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