Staying healthy is important in every person’s life in order to avoid sickness and unwanted hospitalization. The same is true when one is trying to get pregnant. There are many things a woman can do in order to boost her chances of conceiving. Aside from regular exercise, a healthy diet will go a long way for you.
Vitamins and Supplements
Regular prenatal vitamins can help increase a woman’s fertility as well as fertility supplements. Check with your doctor to know which vitamins and fertility supplements work for you.
Eat the Rainbow
Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Doctors say, the brighter the color, the more nutrients the fruit or vegetable has. Red colored fruits and vegetables are rich in Lycopene and antioxidants, orange ones provide Beta-carotene for our immune system. Yellow-orange foods help detoxify harmful substances while the green ones are rich in Folate that builds healthy cells. Make sure you feed yourself with a “colorful” diet.
Cold Water Fish
Foods with high levels of Omega-3 is said to greatly increase the body’s fertility. Three of the most common fish that are rich in Omega-3 are salmon, sardines and herring. If you are not into fish, give flaxseed a try instead.
These tips are known to help boost your body’s natural fertility in order to get pregnant fast. These are your healthy route to getting pregnant. Try these as you begin your trying-to-conceive journey

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