We had a chance to witness the launch of the newest and biggest program of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew workshop last April. My Little Kulit had a lot of fun during the launch and we  decided to enroll him for a 5 days workshop.
We registered for a May 1-5 workshop in BF Homes for a morning slot, registration is so easy just bring your kid, fill up the form, payment and attend the orientation.
Registration fee is Php 650.00 your child will get a t-shit, cap, apron, id, bag and workshop material. Meal is also included in the fee.

Orientation is one or two days before the workshop, basically it will be more interaction with other kids, schedule of activities, rules and regulations of the store and distribution of the uniform.

On his first day, they are welcomed by the workshop facilitator and brief them what to expect for the day. Parents were asked to leave the room so kids can concentrate with their activity. After 15 minutes they are all lined up and went outside, at first they toured the counter, kitchen area, drive thru area and the dining area. Soon after they are divided into groups.

Little Kulit first day is in the counter area, he is standing beside the cashier at first, eventually he learn how to assist, ask for orders and preparing it.

As a proud mom and dad we ordered our breakfast and he gladly prepared our order
Their shift lasted 15-20 minutes, then they will have another activity in the party area, they need to do their scrap book and learn to dance and sing the kiddie crew theme song “Do the Ronald Dance Exercise”.  Meals will be serve after the activity.
On his second day, he is in the drive thru area which he really enjoyed. He said that this is favorite part. He is so excited every time they would see incoming car in the monitor.

Third day after his drive thru and counter area shift, they did the burger making activity. He is knew how to do this one since he already learned it in Kidzania thrice.


Fourth day it’s a talent day, they show their skills , and they also had a Make-Your Own Dessert of course he had a great time in this part.
Fifth day is the graduation day, they performed their kiddie crew song and dance. After the presentation it was time for the distribution of the certificates and pins. Thank you for one of the mommies who took our picture


Getting ready to dance and sing

Group picture

There will be a grand culminating activity at World Trade tomorrow for all the participants.
We really had a wonderful time, my little kulit learned teamwork, hard work, being responsible and leadership. I asked him what did he learned aside from his working shifts, he answered me “Mom its hard to earn money”

I highly recommend McDonalds Kiddie Crew workshop  to all the kids they will really have a great time, for 650.00 your money is worth it.

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