I had a privilege to meet Ms Teresa Dumadag during the H.O.P.E Summit (Hands-On-Parent While Earning), I’ve been following her since I started to blog and dreaming to be a work at home mom. I really admire her for raising her three boys with no yaya but she still manages to be a writer, blogger, life coach and many more.

During the workshop she talked about the Time Management, how we can manage our time based on our priorities, plan and use of our time and to manage our time based on our clearly defined goals. She thought us the Covey’s Time Management Matrix which is very helpful to me right now. This to properly define your priorities for the day or week.

Looking at the matrix you have to input your things to do or priorities in each quadrant you have define if it is IMPORTANT and URGENT, IMPORTANT but not urgent. In this matrix you would know if which one is your priority for the day.

A great help to visualize your priorities in life

She also prepared some worksheet for us to identify our time and priorities and our action plan, we had fun sharing to other mommies and we learned from one another.

As a woman, we have a lot of roles to play that is why time management and defining our priorities is our key to success

The afternoon session was a short talk from Ms Cathy Bautista, she talked about her working experience in a corporate world for more than 10 years and decided to be a financial advisor. She encourage is to pursue what we love.
There was also a panel discussion, they talked about leaving the corporate world and decided to be a freelancer or to choose to work at home. They shared their experiences in transition and turning point when they choose to be stay at home.

Photo grabbed from Hands On Parenting while Earning facebook page

Personally I learned a lot from them especially the courage to leave the corporate world to be with their families. My number priority is my family and my son as much as I wanted to be with him 24/7, I do not know how to start to be a WAHM and I am thankful with this workshop for giving me an inspiration and idea how to be one, and I am so glad that the panelist shared their trusted website where we can find an online job.

Nice to see you again Dulce, I admire her for being a WAHM she can be with her little girl 24/7 and supportive wife to her hubby especially in their business Kansis Made 🙂

The last part of the workshop is a talk from Ms. Mariel Uyquiengco of The Learning Basket, she talked about Positive Discipline. Even though that my kid is now six years old I still learned a lot from her how to deal in tantrums 🙂
Let me share you what I learned, she shared the 5 Tools to try on How to Practice Positive Discipline for Children?

1.       Routine and Rituals

2.       Limited Choices

3.       I love you But No

4.       Hugs, hugs,hugs

5.       Positive time-outs

How I wish I was able to know more about when he was still a toddler.
Thank you Full Life Cube for choosing me to be a media partner for the H.O.P.E Summit 2017

Thank you Ms. Teresa for being an inspiration hope that I can continue what I started during the workshop

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