Our presenting priest told us that we are not here because of accident, or we just want to do a favor for a friend or napipilitan lang. We are here because God wants us to be here to devote our time with our spouse and put God in the center of our relationship.

Father Jv our presenting priest

It’s our first time to attend a Marriage Encounter, it will be our 8th year as a married couple this coming September. Hubby and I experienced some trials last year which we overcome through the help of some friends, family and God, but I think we need to attend this seminar for us to be able to get to know more about us and strengthen our relationship. I am so thankful with Brother Kenny and Sis Dulce for inviting and being our sponsor to be a candidate at Jericho Marriage encounter.

Brother Kenny and SIs Dulce

When Sis Dulce told me that it will be on June, I immediately blocked my calendar, unfortunately sa schedule naming ni hubby nag ka problem bigla nabago schedule for their annual inventory, at first I am so worried baka hindi siya mapayagan since super higpit sa office nila but in God’s grace he was able to file a leave.

For three days, no cellphone and watch para we can focus with each other, now I realized kaya naman pala na no gadget, I was not able to work or in social media but no regrets. Hubby and I were able to get know more each other, we learned how to have a dialogue without arguing, we learned how to resolve our difference, we learned how to be honest to one another. As a married couple it will take a lot of hard work, it’s true that there are times nawawala ang romance and love but the important thing is to remain the friendship and respect to each other. Hubby and I are not perfect couple we do fight, we argue but we never hurt each other physically that is the golden rule.
What we have learned for three days? 

1.       It reminds us what do we like best about our spouse, what do we like best about our self and what do we like best about us as a couple. Since we are married for 7 years already there is a tendency that we forgot the best things on each other, because we are focus to be a parent. In this area it reminds me that I am a spouse first before I become a mother, I need to focus on my feeling with my spouse what is the best in him and not the worst
2.       Marriage in the modern world, the married single lifestyle and the stages of love. When we become married for a long time there are times that we are fed up with the duties as a couple and parents we want to feel to be a single again.
3.       Stages of love
a.       Romance or Illusion stage
b.      Falling out of love
c.       Decision to Love
d.      Married life is a Happy Life
4.       Proper way to fight
5.       Reaching out to each other
6.       Marriage in God’s Plan, which remind us the instance that we felt closest to our spouse and to God.
7.       Openness to Gods Plan, reminds us to listen to one another, listen to God’s plan for us and sharing even the most difficult things to each other.
8.       The best lesson that we learned is to “DIALOGUE” and I am really thankful to our team couple for teaching us this one. Now we are applying this one in our daily life.

ME class 9 June 30- July 2, 2017

Our team couple were married for more than 30 years, the trials they have been through is too much and I admire them for staying together and facing the challenges and put God in the center of their relationship. I admire their courage, I really see how God change their lives. When they hugged us after the marriage encounter, I felt the sincerity to help us to strengthen our married life and learn something with their experiences. We feel so much love that day, we are enlighten and we are fully recharge of positive vibes. We believe that God use our brothers and sisters as an instrument to know Him more, to listen for his plans for our family.

The Candidates and the Sponsoring Couple


Thank you Jericho Community for this wonderful experience

Remember at the end of the day, kayo lang mag asawa ang maiiwan for each other our children will have their own family. That is why we have to take good care of our married life and work on it.

After our renewal of vows, our lunch


This is the only pic that we have on our cellphone 🙂

Graduates 🙂

Thank you Jericho Community for this wonderful experience and so much learnings


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